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Preveza: The Continental Island


Preveza: The Continental Island

For centuries Preveza served as the border between two empires. Romans, Venetians, Ottomans, and Greeks left traces of their presence in the town’s castles, the sacred sites and the coffee shops. Soldiers, poets, governors, generals, and sailors sought wealth and refuge, making Preveza one of the most fascinating corners of Greece.







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Municipality Preveza

The Municipality of Preveza is in southern Epirus, between the Ionian Sea and the Ambracian Gulf. The town of Preveza lies near the Gulf's entrance and is the capital of the regional unit of Preveza.

Phone: +30 26823 60600



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Odysseas Androutsos square

1. Odysseas Androutsos square

6 Stories

The Court House

2. The Court House

5 Stories

Fort of St. Andreas

3. Fort of St. Andreas

5 Stories

Panagia ton Xenon

4. Panagia ton Xenon

4 Stories

Theofanios School

5. Theofanios School

5 Stories

The lighthouse

6. The lighthouse

5 Stories

The Venetian shipyard

7. The Venetian shipyard

5 Stories

Venetian Clock Tower

8. Venetian Clock Tower

5 Stories

Seytan Bazar

9. Seytan Bazar

5 Stories

Kostas Karyotakis' statue

10. Kostas Karyotakis' statue

5 Stories