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The curious Oltrarno

The curious Oltrarno

Florence is divided in 4 historic districts, but only one is on the other side of the river: it is called Oltrarno. It is the least visited and the most Florentine, who is preserved in town; full of stories, traditional restaurants and handcrafts shop. Oltrarno is the real Florence that resists in time and that deserves to be discovered and lived!







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Abcd Tours of Tuscany

Abcd Tours of Tuscany is a name that combines three licensed tourist guides: Beatrice, Cecilia and Demetra. Florence is just one destination that we offer in Tuscany... so do not stop here!

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The curious Oltrarno

Ponte Vecchio

1. Ponte Vecchio

3 Stories

Santa Felicita Church

2. Santa Felicita Church

2 Stories

Palazzo Pitti

3. Palazzo Pitti

3 Stories

Sdrucciolo de' Pitti

4. Sdrucciolo de' Pitti

2 Stories

The street of antique dealers

5. The street of antique dealers

2 Stories

Fountain dello Sprone

6. Fountain dello Sprone

2 Stories

Santo Spirito church

7. Santo Spirito church

2 Stories

Santa Maria del Carmine Basilica

8. Santa Maria del Carmine Basilica

2 Stories

Ponte alla Carraia

9. Ponte alla Carraia

2 Stories