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Pyramids of Giza: a place to bury gods


Pyramids of Giza: a place to bury gods

Join us on a desert journey at the edge of a buzzing metropolis. Walk among the monuments of kings long dead, their Queens, loyal officials and scores of devout subjects. Step into the last remaining Wonder of the ancient world. Allow us to tell you some of their stories and you will never regret taking the leap.







A tour by

Vasilis Chrysikopoulos

Born in a historic Athenian neighborhood lying in the shadow of the Lycabettus hill, Vassilis grew to being an adult explorer. Today he is an antiquities expert, that takes joy in sharing his knowledge while telling us 'Cairo is where my soul belongs

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1. Entrance

7 Stories

2. The Great Pyramid of Khufu

9 Stories

3. The Pyramids of the Queens

6 Stories

4. Solar boats

4 Stories

5. The pyramid of Khafre

7 Stories

6. The pyramid of Menkaure

5 Stories

7. The pyramid complex of Menkaure

4 Stories

8. The Sphinx

4 Stories

9. The lost city of the pyramid builders

6 Stories

10. The Grand Egyptian Museum

4 Stories