Baptistery: heaven on Florentine earth


Baptistery: heaven on Florentine earth

In the beginnings of Christianity, baptisteries fulfilled the function of administering the sacrament by which a person was admitted into the Christian faith. At those times people from all ages were admitted to the religion in great celebrations that made the baptistery the most important building in the city. Throughout this tour we will discover the fascinating history of one of the oldest and luxurious buildings in the city of Florence.







A tour by

Esteban Nigro

Esteban is a great enthusiast of the promotion of cultural and heritage tourism. Over the last five years he has conducted guided tours in Argentina and all over Italy. He also created a podcast show in Spanish where he tells stories from the world.

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1. Piazza di San Giovanni

4 Stories

2. Baptistery Building

5 Stories

3. South Doors

5 Stories

4. Gates of Paradise

5 Stories

5. North Doors

5 Stories

6. The Interior

3 Stories

7. Gates of Paradise (Inside)

4 Stories

8. Altar

4 Stories

9. Ceiling

4 Stories

10. Final Judgement

5 Stories

11. Old Testament

4 Stories

12. New Testament

6 Stories