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Ancient Agora: The birth of democracy

Find yourselves in ancient Athens and meet the people who laid the foundations of Athenian democracy: Peisistratus, Solon, Cleisthenes, Socrates, and Pericles. Experience the journey from tyranny to the establishment of the democratic constitution. See the monuments that gave birth, propagated, and established the glory of democracy.









A tour by

Christiana Damanaki

Tiny, happy person who wanted to be a writer but by accident became an Archaeologist. You will find me in libraries working on my PhD. I am the one with the blue hair.

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Ancient Agora: The birth of democracy

1. The Birth of the Ancient Agora

6 Stories

2. Solon, the first legislator

6 Stories

3. The Boule of the 500

5 Stories

4. The tholos

3 Stories

5. The Monument of the Eponymous Heroes

6 Stories

6. Ostracism. Museum of the Ancient Agora

6 Stories

7. The Areopagus of Justice

6 Stories

8. Pericles’ Acropolis

6 Stories

9. The Pnyx of Democracy

6 Stories

10. The Prison of Socrates

6 Stories

11. The Theatre of Dionysus

6 Stories