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Antalya City Tour: The Turkish Riviera

Antalya City Tour: The Turkish Riviera

Antalya, the largest city in Turkey's Mediterranean coast, is a combination of momentous history, sparkling waters and picturesque streets. Discover the pearl of the southern Turkish coast and follow the joyfulness of its inhabitants!







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Clio Muse

The team behind the stories at Clio Muse consists of a dedicated long-haired art conservator, an inquisitive bespectacled historian, a passionate feminist curator, and a gifted graphic designer with a permanent tan.

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Antalya City Tour: The Turkish Riviera

1. Republic Square

4 Stories

2. Yivliminare Mosque

5 Stories

3. Clock Tower

3 Stories

4. Pazar Hamam

2 Stories

5. Hadrian’s Gate

5 Stories

6. Suna & İnan Kıraç Kaleiçi Museum

3 Stories

7. Kesik Minaret Mosque

1 Story

8. Atatürk’s House Museum

3 Stories

9. Karaalioğlu Park

3 Stories

10. Old City Marina

3 Stories