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De Wallen: The Red Light District

First came the river and the mud, then the wooden houses, and finally the prostitutes. Their area is popularly known as the Red Light District but locals call it De Wallen, from the earthen walls that once protected the early settlement. This is the story of Amsterdam’s most thrilling neighbourhood, beyond the brightness of the red lights.







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De Wallen: The Red Light District

1. Dam Square

6 Stories

2. Oude Kerk

5 Stories

3. Belle’s Statue

6 Stories

4. Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder House Church

4 Stories

5. Café In’t Aepjen

5 Stories

6. Kreupelsteeg (Cripple alley)

3 Stories

7. Bloedstraat

4 Stories

8. Nieuwmarkt

5 Stories