Castel Sant'Angelo: a palimpsest of memories

Travel back in time to explore Hadrian’s cylindrical mausoleum and experience its gradual transformation to a military fortress and a papal residence. Brimming with stories and legends of the famous personalities who lived and died behind its thick walls, Castel Sant’ Angelo has a tumultuous past tied to the history of Rome.









A tour by

Tommaso Raschiatore

A classical archaeologist with an MA in Management and Administration at SDA Bocconi. He worked in the most important museums of Rome for three years, protecting, preserving and enhancing the cultural heritage of the city.

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Castel Sant'Angelo: a palimpsest of memories

1. The entrance

4 Stories

2. The Armory of Clement X

7 Stories

3. The room of the Urns

4 Stories

4. The courtyard of the Angel

2 Stories

5. Armory

3 Stories

6. Library

2 Stories

7. The Treasure room

4 Stories

8. The terrace

6 Stories

9. The Passetto di Borgo

4 Stories

10. The statue of the angel

6 Stories

11. The Paolina Hall

5 Stories

12. Room of Perseus

4 Stories

13. The room of Cupid and Psyche

2 Stories

14. The executions court

4 Stories

15. Sant'Angelo Bridge

6 Stories