The Colosseum: Bread and Games


The Colosseum: Bread and Games

The Roman emperors trusted a simple formula to generate public approval: Panem et circenses, bread and games. The crowds were fed and entertained with periodical distributions of grain and spectacular games held in the Colosseum. The Colosseum, a symbol of the Roman culture and way of life, invites us to discover its enchanting stories.







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Benedetta Geddo

A journalist for Lonely Planet Travel News, a writer for Bossy Italy with an overflowing love for art, travelling and Korean pop music. I write about all those things that attract my attention from Italy and abroad.

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1. The entrance

2 Stories

2. The arena

8 Stories

3. The basements

7 Stories

4. The Pope’s cross

5 Stories

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5. The cavea

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6. The daises

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7. The Colosseum square

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8. The Arch of Constantine

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9. The Stern abutment

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