The Roman Forum: the beating heart of the Empire


The Roman Forum: the beating heart of the Empire

The Romans called it Forum Magnum, the Great Forum, with good reason, since it was the center of all political, juridical, religious and economic activity Some of the greatest events in the history of Ancient Rome took place among the buildings we’ll encounter on our tour, as we set out on a stirring journey straight to the heart of Ancient Rome.







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1. Entrance

3 Stories

2. The Basilica Aemilia

6 Stories

3. The Comitium and the Curia

7 Stories

4. The Arch of Septimius Severus

5 Stories

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5. The Temple of Saturn

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6. The Via Sacra

6 Stories

7. The main square

6 Stories

8. The Temple of Caesar

6 Stories

9. The House of the Vestals

5 Stories

10. Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina

3 Stories

11. Temple of Romulus

2 Stories

12. The Basilica of Maxentius

4 Stories

13. The Arch of Titus

5 Stories

14. The Temple of Venus and Rome

6 Stories