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Theseio: Counting stars on Athens' Western Hills

The tour is an exploration of the Western Hills of Athens and the scenic neighbourhood of Theseio. It will take you on a journey from ancient Greek myth to the birth of astronomical observation in modern Greece. You will be inspired to look up at the sky, re-enchanted by the wonders of the shimmering, expansive cosmos of which we are a part.







A tour by

Paschalia Mitskidou

I am a historian from Athens with an MA in Creative Writing currently working as a freelance writer and editor. My PhD research concentrates on the representation of the past in immersive media.


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Theseio: Counting stars on Athens' Western Hills

1. The Hill of the Muses

6 Stories

2. Meton's Observatory

6 Stories

3. The Doridis’ Telescope

7 Stories

4. Nymphs' Hill

6 Stories

5. National Observatory of Athens

7 Stories

6. Museum Herakleidon

5 Stories

7. The Temple of Hephaestus / Theseio

7 Stories