Acropolis Classic


Acropolis Classic

There is a ritual associated with a visit to Athens. First, you enjoy a souvlaki and an authentic Greek salad. And then, as soon as possible, you climb to the Acropolis. There are many superlatives to describe it and it may often feel too familiar or humdrum. But look closely, and you will discover a universe of stories hiding in plain sight.







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1. Entrance

2 Stories

2. Theatre of Dionysus

6 Stories

3. Stoa of Eumenes

3 Stories

4. Asklepieion

5 Stories

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5. Odeon of Herodes Atticus

5 Stories

The great staircase

6. The great staircase

5 Stories

The temple of Athena Nike

7. The temple of Athena Nike

6 Stories

The Propylaea

8. The Propylaea

7 Stories

Τhe Statue of Athena Promachos

9. Τhe Statue of Athena Promachos

3 Stories

Erechtheion (north entrance)

10. Erechtheion (north entrance)

6 Stories

Erechtheion (east entrance)

11. Erechtheion (east entrance)

5 Stories

12. Old temple of Athena

6 Stories


13. Belvedere

6 Stories

The Parthenon

14. The Parthenon

7 Stories

The west side of the Parthenon

15. The west side of the Parthenon

7 Stories