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The most beautiful garden of the kingdom (XL)

Discover the National Garden through interesting stories about its creator, Queen Amalia, also known as the Queen of the palm trees. Learn about the garden’s antiquities, its unique botanical collection and the garden’s wildlife. A former Royal garden that constitutes the most beautiful source of green in the Athens city center today!









A tour by

Leonidas Argyros

A grumpy man with a PhD. He is fascinated by words; when he sees them forming beautiful sentences he feels like an apprentice wizard who just produced fancy potions out of cauldrons full of frog legs and tears of bats.

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The most beautiful garden of the kingdom (XL)

1. The Birth of the Garden

11 Stories

2. The palm forest

10 Stories

3. The English Design

8 Stories

4. The Athenians love green

10 Stories

5. The Roman Neighborhoods

7 Stories

6. The Garden’s lifeline

6 Stories

7. The Labyrinth

10 Stories

8. Exotic visitors

11 Stories

9. The zoo

11 Stories

10. Pius’ Works

7 Stories

11. The Queen’s Rock

9 Stories