Mycenae: in the bath with Clytemnestra

A journey to Mycenae in pursuit of myths. Each accursed family is unhappy in its own way, but none can compare to the tragedies that befell Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. They had everything: an impressive palace with majestic views, wealth, children, divine relatives, slaves, immortal glory. And they lost it all one night in the bathtub.









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Mycenae: in the bath with Clytemnestra

1. Cyclopean walls

5 Stories

2. The Lions’ Gate

6 Stories

3. Granary - lined up stones

6 Stories

4. Grave Circle A - A circular necropolis

6 Stories

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5. The Great Ramp - The great climb

6 Stories

6. Palace - The Mycenaean Camelot

6 Stories

7. Subterranean cistern

6 Stories

8. Tomb of Clytemnestra

6 Stories

9. House of the Oil-Merchant

6 Stories

10. The tomb of the patriarch

7 Stories