Casanova: a Venetian tale of passion

The life of young Casanova turns Venice into a giant board game, where the most famous lover of all time played an unparalleled game of passion and pleasure, with hundreds of female and male co-players. Traces of his life survive everywhere, making him the most startlingly attractive tour guide of Venice behind the carnival masks.









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Casanova: a Venetian tale of passion

1. The grandmother’s house

5 Stories

2. The first woman

5 Stories

3. First loves

5 Stories

4. Love’s labours

5 Stories

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5. Life in the theatre

5 Stories

6. The prankster

5 Stories

7. Fate will find the way

5 Stories

8. The libertine

5 Stories

9. Prison time

5 Stories

10. The Venetian drink

5 Stories